NOW IS BETTER / Wall Calendar 2019 / White

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NOW IS BETTER - A calendar for planning small pleasures and collecting great memories.

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days at the sea, appointments, lottery winnings, jumps of hearts, chance encounters, overcome pig dogs and all other planned and unplanned highlights of the year can be marked in color in the calendar and recorded.

There are 150 adhesive dots each in 4 bright colors, which can be assigned to 4 individually definable fun categories.

True to the motto: A fun thing every day keeps the grayness away!

Have fun and a fantastic year! 


Dimensions: 68 x 100 cm 

Paper: 190 g offset paper (FSC certified)

Writable adhesive dots (15 mm): neon pink, neon yellow, neon green, light blue (150 pieces each) Color)

Dimensions sticker sheet: 210 x 297 mm (A4)

Printing: locally printed in Berlin, offset

packaging: The wall calendar and the 4 sticker sheets are rolled in tissue paper and will be sent in a shipping roll.


GIFT OPTION: Gladly the calendar can also be sent as a gift to friends, relatives and distant sweetheart. In this case, please specify the corresponding desired address at the checkout.





NOW IS BETTER - A calendar to plan activities that make you smile and document surprises that are worth being remembered.

Birthdays, first kisses, appointments, mornings at the beach, things that made you laugh out loud, vacations … everything can be highlighted in the calendar.

Included with your calendar are 4 sets of colored stickers – each color representing one of four fun-category which you are free to define yourself.
Use the stickers to write down the planned and unplanned highlights of your days and then stick them to the calendar.

Have a spectacular year!

And don't forget: A fun thing each day keeps the grayness away.



Measurements of wall calendar: 680 x 1000 mm / 26.75 x 39.5 in

Paper: 190 g Offset (FSC certified)

Stickers (15 mm): 150 paper stickers of each color (neon pink, neon yellow, neon green, light blue)

Print: Offset, 1C - printed locally in Berlin